Should You Be Asking A Client Whether They Prefer Cats Or Dogs?

Our cat, Olive

Our cat, Olive

A recent survey of over 200,000 cat and dog owners came up with some fascinating results. The survey first found out whether the individuals were cat or dog people and then cross-referenced this information to lifestyle survey responses completed by the individuals. Some of the findings were as follows:

Zippo, our Greek Rescue Dog

Zippo, our Greek Rescue Dog

Dog people are more likely to have a preference for being extroverted, with cat people having a preference for being introverted.

Dog people are more likely to have a pop song as a ringtone. Cat people are more likely to have completed a degree.

Cat people are more likely to consider George Harrison as their favourite Beatle with dog people more likely to consider Paul McCartney as their favourite.

Reasons for the differences between dog and cat people are not really known. One explanation of these findings is that the respective behavioural characteristics of dogs and cats may particularly appeal to people with compatible personality traits. Dogs are noted for their sociable and affectionate nature, hence people with more sociable personalities i.e. extroverted may feel more affinity for them than for more aloof cats. Additionally, dogs require greater care than cats; hence people with more conscientious traits may be more drawn to looking after dogs, whereas more laidback individuals may prefer low maintenance cats (Hergovich, Mauerer & Riemer, 2011). Cats are also noted for “doing their own thing” whereas dogs tend to “follow the crowd.”

Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule, the response group of over 200,000 people is a large survey group so does hold a high degree of statistical validity. So next time you are meeting a client, and want to make sure you build a positive rapport, based on the differing communication and interaction needs of those with a preference for either extroversion or introversion, maybe asking whether they have a dog or a cat is not a bad idea, as opposed to how the weather has been recently. In terms of my wife and I, my wife prefers our cats and she has a preference for introversion whereas I prefer our dog and surprise surprise, I have a preference for extroversion.

So do this survey ring true for your preference?  Are you a lover of cats with a preference for introversion or do you have a preference for extroversion and are a dog lover?

We’d love to hear from you.

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