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The Narcissistic Leader: More Sinister And Destructive Than Bullying

Over the many years of working with teams, helping them to develop high-performance, I have often had discussions about bullying, especially carried out by those in positions of power. However, more recently, I have been having conversations with individuals about…

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6 Months In 60 Seconds

Ngagementworks Promise

In the last 6 months, Ngagementworks has lived up to it’s strapline, as it has Engaged individuals, Motivated teams, helping them to Transform and achieve even greater Success. As Managing Director, I am pleased to share with you a 60 second summary of what has been…

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Are You A Personally Adaptable Assistant?

Ngagementworks Survey PA Attributes

Last year, I was honoured to be one of the keynote conference speakers at the Hays PA Conference in Leeds in front of 250+ PAs from throughout the UK, a daunting task, not so much for the size of the…

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Dr Seuss On Transformational Leadership

Ngagementworks Transformational Leadership

Not long ago, or so they say, Lived a young man, told to lead one day. Technical skills he had a plenty, So his bosses said “Well done, you can now lead twenty.”   “What training will I get to…

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Are You Getting The Leadership You Deserve?

Imagine, it’s your second driving lesson.  The first lesson, you met your instructor and they taught you how to turn on the engine, how to use the accelerator, to change gear, brake and put on the handbrake together with using your…

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Ngagementworks In The News

Ngagementworks Nick Fewings

Kindly allowed to be re-produced from an internal staff magazine of one of the clients of Ngagementworks. Ngagementworks, the new buzzword If you haven’t heard about Ngagementworks, it won’t be long before you do and, like a lot of your…

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What Are You Like?

Ngagementworks Four Colour Energies Positive

We all tend to be curious about what makes us the person we are, or to coin a phrase, what makes us tick. Why we think the way we do, why we make decisions and communicate in a particular way, why…

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Re Your Email To Me

Email @

No doubt you have received an email from someone, read it and have been irritated by the tone and style in which it has been written. Yes, it happens to us all. I can guarantee that your emails will have…

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Overcoming Experiential Fear

rock climbing overhang

We all have fears and phobias based on either what we have heard or have been told by other people or based on things we have experienced.  If we don’t address them, they can limit the things that we do.  I…

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Be Inspired & Motivated

Learn Achieve Smile Laugh Inspiration Motivation Ngagementworks

Sometimes, we need some inspiration or motivation in our lives.  Whether it is to spark some creativity, get us thinking in a different way or opening conversations with family, friends or work colleagues. They say a picture paints a thousand…

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