On The Edge Of Being Barking Mad

Nick undertaking Firewalk 4 times!

Nick undertaking Firewalk 4 times!

I am always keen to support worthwhile causes.  In 2013, I undertook a Firewalk 4 times to raise funds for Rethink Mental Illness. Most people thought that this was a reasonably challenging thing to do. However they didn’t consider what my wife would come up with for 2014.

Almost 4 years ago, we rescued our dog, Zippo from The Skiathos Dog Shelter and gave him his forever home.

Zippo, our Greek Rescue Dog

Zippo, our Greek Rescue Dog

Since then we have supported the Shelter with donations and my wife, Belinda also helps by visiting potential people wishing to re-home dogs from the shelter in Greece, in the Bournemouth and surrounding area. Skiathos Dog Shelter is run by people from the UK who live on the island, which is off mainland Greece, near Athens. They survive on donations and in 2014 need a significant cash injection for renovation work. Belinda decided this would be the charity she would support, but how?

In May, we visited Canada on holiday, firstly staying in Montreal and then Toronto. It was when Belinda investigated things to do in Toronto, that she discovered the “CN Tower Edge Walk”.

Opened just under 4 years ago, it not only enables people to walk the 500 feet around the outside of the top of the Tower, but also experience other so called “fun activities” 1,165 feet above the ground, on a metal grid platform, the same width as a pavement or as they call it in Canada, a sidewalk. It is currently the world’s highest building edge walk.

Belinda Flying High

Belinda Flying High

At 10am on Saturday 24th May on a clear sunny morning in Toronto, Belinda, who was excited and I, who was petrified, joined 6 other people to be breathalysed, stripped of all jewellery, body-scanned for drugs/explosives, then asked to put on red jumpsuits and given a full safety briefing. Then we ascended the 1,165 feet to reach the platform which is just above the CN Tower 360 Restaurant. The experience is about 45 minutes, but seems much much longer.

We Did It!!

We Did It!!

It was only after we had completed the Edge Walk that we realised they had achieved another first.  When you have completed the Edge Walk, you are able to pin a photo of yourself doing it to their website and mark where you are from in the world.  It appears that Belinda is the first person to be born in Bournemouth to have achieved it and likewise, I am the first person born in Plymouth to achieve it!

Belinda’s fundraising page achieved over £400 Belinda said “I’m delighted to be able to give something back to Skiathos Dog Shelter. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t have had Zippo, who has given us so much pleasure and joy and to whom we have been able to give a wonderful home and life to which he was without when he was abandoned on the island.”

If you wish to see a short video clip of what happened that really brings it to life, here it is.

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