8 Tips To Help You Speak At A Conference Or Hire A Speaker

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As an award-winning global conference speaker, I am always striving to deliver the best I can, for both the conference organisers that have booked me, and the audience who are giving up their valuable time to allow me to present to them.

Recently, I decided to ask the question of conference organisers and delegates from around the globe, ‘What are the top attributes you want to see in a conference speaker?’

Below is a summary of the feedback. I hope that it helps both those who have been asked to speak at a conference  and also conference organisers who are looking for the right type of speaker for their conference, as the below are the areas you should be checking out with potential speakers.

Nick Fewings Conference Speaker

Nick Fewings, MD, Ngagementworks

Be Yourself: It’s the best person you can be! If you aren’t authentic, the audience will pick it up almost immediately.

Be Credible: Speak on a topic you are both knowledgeable and passionate about.

Be Entertaining: We all like to laugh so throw in a funny anecdote or observation, your audience will love it.

Be Relevant: Always put yourself in the shoes of the audience and say to yourself “If I sat through this presentation, would I get something positive from it?”

Be Flexible: Have a back-up plan re travel, room-layout & presentation. Plan for the unexpected, travel delays, lack of power, no projection equipment.

Be In The Zone: Get to the venue early and visualise yourself speaking in front of a full auditorium. Visualisation is a proven technique to help overcome nerves and deliver a great speech.

Be Timely: Keep to time, you owe it to the audience and also to the next presenter if there are a number of people speaking.

Don’t Sell! If your speech or presentation is a marketing platform for your services, don’t sell to the audience. If you’ve followed the Do’s above, new clients will come to you without you including a sales pitch.

If you wish to read the more detailed article I wrote, please feel free to do so using this link What Conference Delegates Want From A Speaker.

If you wish to find out more about my speaker topics & testimonials, please use this link Nick Fewings, Award-winning Global Conference Speaker

If you wish to contact me direct, please feel free to do so via nick@ngagementworks.com

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