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How To Achieve High-Performance Teamwork (6 min read)

Ngagementworks WHO WHAT HOW Teamwork Engagement

Kindly reproduced from a magazine interview with Nick Fewings HOW DO YOU MEASURE TEAMWORK? Effective teamwork is vital to the success of every organisation and even more so in times of political and economic instability, however, few organisations actually quantify what…

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TV Interview: The WHO and the HOW of high-performance teamwork

Nick Fewings Ngagementworks Business Connections

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Steve Hyland of Business Connections.  The focus was on the importance of not only knowing WHO is in your team, both from a technical and behavioural skills perspective but also, of equal importance, being able…

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6 Months In 60 Seconds

Ngagementworks Promise

In the last 6 months, Ngagementworks has lived up to it’s strapline, as it has Engaged individuals, Motivated teams, helping them to Transform and achieve even greater Success. As Managing Director, I am pleased to share with you a 60 second summary of what has been…

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12 Words That Changed My Life

15 Years Discovery Insights Nick Fewings Ngagementworks

If I had been told 15 years ago, that I would have worked in many countries across 3 continents, spoken at over 400 conferences, facilitated learning programmes for project, operational and leadership teams on behalf of many global brands and…

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If You’re An “Earth Green” PA, Please Don’t Belittle The Value You Add

Awesome Ngagementworks Nick Fewings

Having worked with PAs on workshops and spoken at quite a few PA Conferences, there is a particular behavioural style that dominates this role. Carl Jung termed this style of behaviour Introverted Feeling. In the colourful model of human behaviour,…

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SPEAK UP! You owe it to yourself, your colleagues and your leaders.

    I’ve been inspired to write this article after becoming aware of Bonnie Low-Kramen’s Speak Up! Pledge campaign, which aims to get at least 1 Million pledges, from individuals to speak up by USA Labor Day on Monday 7th…

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Are You A Personally Adaptable Assistant?

Ngagementworks Survey PA Attributes

Last year, I was honoured to be one of the keynote conference speakers at the Hays PA Conference in Leeds in front of 250+ PAs from throughout the UK, a daunting task, not so much for the size of the…

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Trust: The Foundation Upon Which Great Teams Achieve Success

Morgan Ngagementworks Team Teamwork Trust Nick Fewings

One of the key sessions in the foundation programme that Ngagementworks facilitates with teams is the exploration of what makes teams great. In the book ‘The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team’, written by Patrick Lencioni, he studied teams to find out…

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SHOCK, HORROR: PM invests in themselves and their team and achieves success!

Nick Fewings, Project Management & Change Management

You’ve successfully achieved your project management accreditation, the project sponsor gives you a brief on the benefits that are required to be realised and the time, cost and quality expected of the solution. Enter stage left your project team and off you…

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10 Facts You May Not Know


Kindly reproduced, with permission from a client of Ngagementworks, from their online HR Magazine A lot of you will know of Nick Fewings, Managing Director of Ngagementworks for his engaging, interactive and fun learning programmes, that are positively changing the…

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