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The Power Of Hashtags

Rasta Hat Rasta Dreads Few Peeps Nick Fewings

What have Dreadlocks, Houston, Cape Verde and Bournemouth have in common?  Nothing until recently! They say you never know what opportunities are waiting for you around the corner, and that has been certainly true for me.  On my return from…

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Ngagementworks In The News

Ngagementworks Nick Fewings

Kindly allowed to be re-produced from an internal staff magazine of one of the clients of Ngagementworks. Ngagementworks, the new buzzword If you haven’t heard about Ngagementworks, it won’t be long before you do and, like a lot of your…

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What Are You Like?

Ngagementworks Four Colour Energies Positive

We all tend to be curious about what makes us the person we are, or to coin a phrase, what makes us tick. Why we think the way we do, why we make decisions and communicate in a particular way, why…

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Re Your Email To Me

Email @

No doubt you have received an email from someone, read it and have been irritated by the tone and style in which it has been written. Yes, it happens to us all. I can guarantee that your emails will have…

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Transformational Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?

Leadership Attributes Ngagementworks

What leaders have stood out for you in your business life as being transformational?  No doubt a few will come to mind and indeed some that were definitely not.  So what is it about certain individuals that we warm to and are happy…

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Meeting Frustrations & How To Overcome Them

Love them or hate them, meetings play a big part in our working lives. They can be productive leaving you feeling that something positive has been accomplished, they can also leave you with the feeling of “What was the point?”…

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Lessons In Leading Change: BA0984 To Berlin – The Flight That Never Was

Today I was meant to be in Berlin as a keynote speaker at a conference for Advanced Project Management. I was speaking on ‘eNgaging Change – Leading Change Effectively’. Unfortunately, due to the effect of fog on flights from Heathrow…

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What Song Gets You Going?

If you want to give yourself a positive boost, there’s nothing better than playing some of your favourite songs on your CD, Iphone or MP3 player. Just think for a moment how you feel when you listen to some of…

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EUMA Switzerland: Making Your Relationships Work Ngageingly

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to facilitate a half-day workshop at the Swiss EUMA Conference in Zurich. The workshop objectives were, by introducing a colourful model of human behaviour; for the PAs and MAs present to understand themselves…

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Should You Be Asking A Client Whether They Prefer Cats Or Dogs?

A recent survey of over 200,000 cat and dog owners came up with some fascinating results. The survey first found out whether the individuals were cat or dog people and then cross-referenced this information to lifestyle survey responses completed by…

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