Team DyNAmics

Welcome to the pages that explain more about the Team Dynamics© Model.

Based on 20+ years of research into what makes teams high-performing,  Team Dynamics© identifies 16 key Elements that need to be managed effectively in order for a team to be successful and engaged.

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Team Dynamics© easily and effectively measures how well a team is performing.  Team members each complete a 20-minute online questionnaire, from which a Team Dynamics© Report is produced, based on their amalgamated responses.  The report measures how good or challenged the team members think their team is against the 16 Elements.

The Elements are ranked and enable a team to celebrate their strengths but also to identify challenges that need to be addressed.  Armed with this information, teams can discuss issues, generate and agree practical ideas to overcome these issues and who will be involved in implementing them, in what timescale.

Team Dynamics© can also be used as a benchmark and re-run at an agreed future date to understand what has changed in the intervening period.