High5 #3: 5 Positive Stories From This Week

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Welcome to the third High5 Friday, a brief look back at this week and 5 things and people, that caught my eye and made me feel upbeat and want to share with you.  There is so much negativity in the world, I thought this might resonate with others and who knows, you may be one of the people I mention in a future edition.

1.       Be tenacious, be passionate and don’t give up

If you want to achieve a goal in your life, sometimes, you need to be persistent in trying, even when you get knocked back by others and opportunities pass you by.  An exemplar of this is Craig Harris, one of a small percentage of male assistants in the UK.  Craig knew what job role he wanted but had a number of setbacks before he got his break and lucky he did.  Craig has recently become the first male assistant in the UK to win the Pitman SuperAchievers PA of the Year Award.  You can read an interview about Craig using this link to this month’s edition of PA Life. Craig’s feature starts on page 13.

2.       A small act of kindness can make all the difference

A post on LinkedIn this week caught my eye.  It was posted by someone working in a senior position in the hospitality sector, that due to the extremely long hours they worked, limited time off at the weekends and the stress they had been put under, eventually had a break down and had to have time off work.  Despite numerous communications to their employer, all that they received was their P45.  A shocking state of affairs.  Then I spotted a comment by Mark Godfrey, MD of Deer Park Country Hotel.  Mark not only offered kind and constructive words of support but also offered a weekend break to the person at his hotel just outside Honiton.  What a kind thing to do. 

3.       Share your knowledge and wisdom freely

Money isn’t the be all and end all.  Yes, we all need to make a living however sharing some of your knowledge and experience with others goes a long, long way.  James Potter aka TheLinkedInMan does this on a regular basis via his LinkedIn posts.  Whilst running courses and speaking at conferences about using LinkedIn effectively, either as an individual or as an organisation, James is always happy to share some of his knowledge and expertise by sharing hints and tips on his feed and when commenting on others posts.  Having been on one of James’ courses, I know what he does works.  If you want to check out how good your LinkedIn profile is, you can do so via James’ website, where there is a quiz that gets you thinking.

4.       Help others to find there voice

Sometimes it is difficult for some of us to speak up about bad behaviour.  Unfortunately, bad behaviour still occurs on a regular basis in the workplace. Bonnie Low-Kramen has created a Speak Up website with some great articles and tips to help others find a voice, especially if experiencing bad behaviour.  I was also delighted that this week, Bonnie became the first woman to feature in my Pay it Forward initiative, sharing some great learning on how to collaborate more effectively in your team.  You can read it here

5.       Be creative, don’t think outside the box, think like there is no box

Charlotte Wibberley, founder of VIP VA has organised an inaugural conference called EleVAte, to be held on the 4th/5th October at Waltham Cross, UK.  Due to some people not being able to attend in person, Charlotte and her team have come up with a creative solution, a virtual ticket, which will provide them with recordings of all the speaker sessions plus more. What a great idea that makes the conference so much more inclusive.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these stories and if you missed reading the previous posts, here are links to High5 #1 and High5#2

Wishing you continued success and happiness in both work and life.

Yours behaviourally, Nick

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2 Comments on “High5 #3: 5 Positive Stories From This Week

  1. Thanks for the kind mention, much appreciated.

    I to have spoken to Mark, top chap.

    Best wishes,


    The Linked In Man

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