An Englishman In New York Part 2: Constructing The Future

New York is constantly evolving and regenerating itself. Whether it is just natural progression and evolution or whether it is inflicted wounds such as 9/11.

Wherever you look there are cranes stretching into the sky, the low rumble of trucks bringing construction material or taking away the remnants of once iconic skyscrapers that have outlived their shelf life in the ever changing face of modern architecture, new materials and technology.

The one constant throughout the construction of New York are the construction workers, each adding their expertise or speciality to ensure the continued re-birth of this iconic city.

Each worker is different, whether it is their skills, the clothes they wear, their hats or just their character. Just like the buildings they construct, each of them has a uniqueness.

In the first part of this blog An Englishman In New York: Part 1, Times Square, I looked at the characters around Times Square.  This time my blog focuses on the workers who are helping to construct an ever-changing New York City.


These guys were working on the Freedom Tower and I just wondered if he was asking his wife if he could have a salad bowl like his colleagues were having.


These two looked as though they had fallen out with each other and weren’t prepared to look at each other.


The stance of this guy reminded me of John McEnroe when he used to challenge the umpire saying “You cannot be serious!”


I loved how this guy was standing combined with his bandana. He wouldn’t look out of place on a pirate ship.


I still find it amazing that in this day and age, with all the technology available, they still have people manning StopGo boards.


How much nicer does a construction hat look when it’s been stickered up.

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Nick Fewings aka Few Peeps

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