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Deep Thinkers

This is following on from the positive feedback from my submission to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge entitled ‘Depth’.  I submitted a photograph I took of Rhys Ifans, the film actor, sat outside a bar in Montreal, whilst on…

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A Few Peeps View Of Cape Verdians

The Republic Of Cape Verde is a country made up of 10 volcanic islands. The islands are situated about 350 miles off the West coast of Africa. Until the 15th century, the islands were uninhibited until they were discovered and…

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An Englishman In New York Part 2: Constructing The Future

New York is constantly evolving and regenerating itself. Whether it is just natural progression and evolution or whether it is inflicted wounds such as 9/11. Wherever you look there are cranes stretching into the sky, the low rumble of trucks…

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The Boa Vista Banana Seller

In response to the Daily Post,  Edge Of The Frame, this was the first photo I ever took of a stranger.  This was in May 2013.  My wife and I had booked a vacation to the island of Boa Vista,…

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