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The Narcissistic Leader: More Sinister And Destructive Than Bullying

Over the many years of working with teams, helping them to develop high-performance, I have often had discussions about bullying, especially carried out by those in positions of power. However, more recently, I have been having conversations with individuals about…

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What Conference Delegates Want From A Speaker

As a facilitator and also conference keynote speaker, I always like to reflect on what I have delivered to understand what I could have done better and thus inform what I do in the future to ensure I maximise the…

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Are You Getting The Leadership You Deserve?

Imagine, it’s your second driving lesson.  The first lesson, you met your instructor and they taught you how to turn on the engine, how to use the accelerator, to change gear, brake and put on the handbrake together with using your…

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What Are You Like?

Ngagementworks Four Colour Energies Positive

We all tend to be curious about what makes us the person we are, or to coin a phrase, what makes us tick. Why we think the way we do, why we make decisions and communicate in a particular way, why…

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Do You Have Time To Think?

Depth Of Thought Few Peeps Nick Fewings

Over the weekend, I shared some images from my passion for candid street photography called Deep Thinkers and indeed that got me thinking!! From the second we wake up, our senses are bombarded with information.  Television, radio, smartphones and tablets…

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Overcoming Fears Based On The Perception Of Others

Criticism Insecurities Ngagementworks Nick Fewings

I wrote an article earlier this week about Overcoming An Experiential Fear and shared how I overcame my fear of heights by undertaking The Edgewalk at the top of the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada, sharing the video footage of me completing…

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Meeting Frustrations & How To Overcome Them

Love them or hate them, meetings play a big part in our working lives. They can be productive leaving you feeling that something positive has been accomplished, they can also leave you with the feeling of “What was the point?”…

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6 Tips For Individual & Team Success

Whether you are part of an operational, project or leadership team, the start of the year is often a time when you get together with your colleagues and discuss what needs to be achieved. Based on my knowledge and experience…

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Lessons In Leading Change: BA0984 To Berlin – The Flight That Never Was

Today I was meant to be in Berlin as a keynote speaker at a conference for Advanced Project Management. I was speaking on ‘eNgaging Change – Leading Change Effectively’. Unfortunately, due to the effect of fog on flights from Heathrow…

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2014 Review

Ngagementworks Customer Satisfaction

In the last twelve months, Ngagementworks has certainly lived up to it’s mission statement by engaging individuals, motivating teams and in doing so; helping them to transform to achieve even greater success.  Whether it has been via our experiential, cutting-edge learning and development programmes,…

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