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TV Interview: The WHO and the HOW of high-performance teamwork

Nick Fewings Ngagementworks Business Connections

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Steve Hyland of Business Connections.  The focus was on the importance of not only knowing WHO is in your team, both from a technical and behavioural skills perspective but also, of equal importance, being able…

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Big Data Reveals That Leaders Don’t Have Tools To Measure Team Performance

Ngagementworks Team DyNAmics Nick Fewings Big Data Header

One of the most worrying pieces of data highlighted in the Team DyNAmics© Model over the last 12 months is that leaders don’t have tools to help them measure team performance and engagement. As mentioned in a recent article, “Cracking The…

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Team DyNAmics© Vector Icons

The 16 Elements as Vector Icons from the Team DyNAmics© Model. Watch this space to find out more about each element and how the model is helping teams achieve even greater success. An overview can be read via the menu Team…

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6 Tips For Individual & Team Success

Whether you are part of an operational, project or leadership team, the start of the year is often a time when you get together with your colleagues and discuss what needs to be achieved. Based on my knowledge and experience…

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Me & My Multiple Personas

My name is Nick Fewings aka The F-Factor aka Few Peeps. We all have different masks that we put on when we interact with family, friends, business colleagues, clients and indeed anyone that we meet with. Each mask represents a…

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