A Few Peeps View Of Cape Verdians

The Republic Of Cape Verde is a country made up of 10 volcanic islands. The islands are situated about 350 miles off the West coast of Africa. Until the 15th century, the islands were uninhibited until they were discovered and colonised by the Portuguese. They gained independence in 1975.

The main economic driver is tourism, with the islands becoming ever more popular as a tourist destination due to the stunning beaches dotted around the islands. Because of the volcanic nature of the islands, the landscape is quite barren and due to fairly recent colonisation, historic relics and architecture is limited. However, what the islands do have is a vibrant and colourful island community.

When I visited Cape Verde, my wife and I stayed on the island of Boa Vista. Below are a selection of the photos I took of the wonderful people in and around Sal Rei, the capital of Boa Vista going about their daily life.


I loved the thoughtful look on this woman’s face as she stood next to a wall, waiting to sell her bananas.


This guy looked so cool with his Rastafarian hat and his sunglasses. His dreadlocks looked amazing.

The islanders are very impoverished and I loved the ingenuity of this young lad below. He didn’t have a football so he was using a plimsoll to play football.


Although life is tough, as seen by this little girl having to carry the empty water butts to the communal water tank, there was a cheeriness and positivity that pervaded the local community.

The main income for the locals is by selling locally made souvenirs to tourists.


The other main job is fishing, not however for commercial purposes however just to ensure there is food on the table.


I hope you have enjoyed the people of Cape Verde. If you would like to see other photos I have taken, please do enjoy my Few Peeps stream on Flickr or Few Peeps on Facebook and please do check out how I have used my images to develop motivational images/quotes, please enjoy A FEW eNgaging Images & Quotes.

Nick Fewings aka Few Peeps

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