Few Peeps In Barcelona

On a recent trip to Barcelona, as the keynote conference speaker at an inaugural European Conference, about which I wrote in my article, We All Sell Carrots, I had the opportunity for some free time.

Armed with my camera, I explored this wonderfully vibrant city.  Below is a journey around Barcelona, not based on the sites that tourists flock to see, however the characters, both tourists and locals that I saw.

IMG_7045 IMG_7732 IMG_7734 IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7737 IMG_7738 IMG_7013 IMG_6964 IMG_6956 IMG_7739 IMG_7740 IMG_7741 IMG_7742

11 Comments on “Few Peeps In Barcelona

  1. Nick, Nick, Nick … you’re such a good photographer. You should make an Exhibition with all your wonderful pics

  2. Very good photographs indeed Nick. I love people pictures and the almost sepia-ness of the colours makes them particularly striking.

  3. I like the tonal qualities of your images, unique. Some lovely portraits from all the cities represented. Thank you for your visit.

  4. Interesting pictures Nick. Thank you for sharing your experiences of the back streets and characters. The characters sparked my imagination

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