Me & My Multiple Personas

My name is Nick Fewings aka The F-Factor aka Few Peeps. We all have different masks that we put on when we interact with family, friends, business colleagues, clients and indeed anyone that we meet with. Each mask represents a different part of our personality that we feel comfortable and appropriate sharing with others. If people had to sum me up, I’d like them to say I am a fun-loving, caring, people person. So, taking each one of my persona in turn.

Nick Fewings

Me with my t-shirt that tells a bit about my persona

Me with my t-shirt that tells a bit about my persona

Or Nicholas, if I have upset my Mother!! A young-at-heart 52 year old, Father of 2, Step-father of 2 and Grandad or Papi to 2. Born in Plymouth, UK and now living in Bournemouth, UK. Since a young age, I found that I could make people laugh by doing funny things, telling amusing stories or jokes or just acting plain daft. I have a joy for life, my wife, my family, my friends and my pets, 1 dog and 2 cats. I enjoy making memories so enjoy travel, going to restaurants, concerts and shows with my wife. My passion for people, leads me to my second persona.

Few Peeps

A few years ago, I got into photography. My wife has a passion and skill for taking landscapes, architecture, transport whereas I found I was drawn to taking candid or street photographs of people. When I explored the various websites for this genre of photography, I decided that I wanted to do something to make me stand out from the crowd. So, with the shots I take, I do a bit of post-shot processing to give them a unique style that seems to be appreciated. To date, with just over 500 photos on Flickr, I have achieved approximately 3 Million views and 4,000 people who follow me. I call myself Few Peeps which is a play on words with the beginning of my surname and Peeps be a colloquial term for people.

A banana seller in Sal Rei, capital of Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

A banana seller in Sal Rei, capital of Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

I have a presence on Facebook & Flickr.  I have also posted blogs about my travels and the people I have seen.  An Englishman In New York is one of these.

Recently, a colour pencil artist, based in Houston, Texas, found my photos and now I am supplying her with exclusive rights to use them to create some amazing artwork.  Below is the latest creation with my original photo.  You can read the interesting story of how we met via The Power Of Connectivity.

Contorted Concentration Nick Fewings Few Peeps

The F-Factor

Nick Fewings, Award-winning International Conference Speaker

Nick Fewings, Award-winning International Conference Speaker & Facilitator

I thought up the pseudonym based on the popular talent show and the initial of my surname. I am an award-winning global facilitator and conference speaker. Previously, I have been a Change Director for a global blue-chip UK-based financial institution, co-founded one of the UK’s leading learning and development organisations and now, am Managing Director of Ngagementworks. I am a behavioural psychologist and use a colour model and unique personal profiles based on the psychology of Carl Jung, My previous role took me away from facilitating team workshops and speaking at conferences as the company grew and I became more involved in strategic issues. I established Ngagementworks to enable me to focus on what I am passionate about, helping people develop and grow.

I now work with individuals and teams, whether operational, project or leadership, throughout the UK and internationally. I’ve had the good fortune to work with various companies in Europe, North America & The Middle East. When I am not facilitating, I am speaking at conferences. or sharing my knowledge and experience.  My most read blog of 2014 was entitled More Sinister & Destructive Than Bullying.

I also combine some of my photography with motivational quotes I have developed which I share with others. If my facilitation, conference speaking, motivational quotations and images make a positive impact on a person and helps them change their life for the better, then I am delighted.

Be Passionate

Be Passionate

I have a presence on Facebook, my website, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter and Google+.

All the best, Nick aka Few Peeps aka The F-Factor.

6 Comments on “Me & My Multiple Personas

  1. Hi Nick – fascinating reading. I confess that I always thought Few Peeps referred to your photos being little peeps on the world without anyone knowing! Manon

  2. Hi Nick! I enjoy seeing people’s many expressions in candid photos as well as the beauty in landscapes. I have always been into taking pictures growing up and has finally decided to try growing my skills. I tried taking many pictures of sunsets, buildings, food, crowds at events but found I never really look back at them or skip them when I do. My favorite are of people in my life: family, friends, days enjoyed with them. But I love to ready about other people’s experience with random people. I took a peek at your Flickr and feel the filters you have added to them really makes them something special from shots others may have taken of the same people. I really enjoy them!

    I’ve taken a public speaking class in school and did pretty well but then I realized, I am only good at it when I finally get comfortable with the people I am presenting to which is hard to do the first few times. I hope to learn more about how I can improve that through your blog!

    • Hi Jo,

      Thanks for your reply and I am glad you enjoyed my photos on Flickr, some of which I took in Philly. Yes, people say that the filter I apply makes it unique and a bit like the style of the American painter Norman Rockwell. I’ve never taken public speaking training however have found it comes naturally to me, we each have our own talents. As long as you know your subject, the key thing is just to be yourself. I look forward to keeping in touch and reading your blogs.

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