An Englishman In New York: Part 1, Times Square

New York, New York, so good they named it twice, the city that never sleeps, The Big Apple and no doubt there are many many other names for one of the world’s iconic cities.

Having visited New York on vacation twice before, I was fortunate enough to visit this exciting city for a third time in September 2013. There are only so many shots of the Empire State Building or Times Square that you can take however what changes each time you visit is the lifeblood of the city, the people.

My wife and I had booked a hotel near the Rockefeller Centre and found this to be an excellent base to walk, over 5 days, what seemed like every inch of the city. This is a selection of the fascinating people that I observed on our daily walks, which covered as far down as Liberty Island, right up to Central Park and across from the Hudson River to the East River.

In Part 1, I explore the characters of Times Square.


What I enjoy is the diversity of cultures in New York and how all are readily accepted irrespective of their race, colour, creed or religious beliefs.


I love how the Hesidic Jews not only identify themselves with their ringlets and beards however also by the clothes that they wear.


No city should be without their very own Naked Cowboy. I particularly liked the smile on the woman’s face however how the gentleman passing was looking at the rear view.


There are a plethora of lookalikes, whether characters from stage, screen or TV, each vying for tourist dollars in return for a photo with them.


Not to be outdone by the Naked Cowboy, this woman could have stepped right out of one of the flamboyant shows of Las Vegas. Resplendent in her feather boa headress, she was body-painted with I love NYC.


Whilst I was in Times Square, there was a religious celebration arranged by and for the Indian community. I enjoyed how East met West in this photo of the two young boys with the Statue Of Liberty, complete with the Stars & Stripes.


A different take on East meets West which made me smile.


I hope that the illusion wasn’t shattered for little children who may have seen this character having a break. I imagine that it must be extremely hot under the outfits.


In another part of Times Square, there was a sponsored fitness cycle going on to raise money for cancer research. The woman was the mother of the guy who had organised it and whilst she wasn’t cycling, she was definitely throwing herself into the spirit of it.


Even Minnie Mouse was lending a helping hand or paw. Walt would have been proud.


Some people even found time to multitask and not miss the opportunity to share the experience with their friends via various social media channels.


Mario was not interested in what was happening around him as he concentrated on texting and having a drink.


Whilst it’s great if your a tourist or a photographer, it must be pretty boring for the guys and indeed girls of the NYPD who must have seen the colourful characters of Times Square many many times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a different take on Times Square. Please keep in touch or follow me to ensure you don’t miss Part 2 which will be coming soon.

If you would like to see other photos I have taken, please do enjoy my Few Peeps stream on Flickr or Few Peeps on Facebook and please do check out how I have used my images to develop motivational images/quotes, please enjoy A FEW eNgaging Images & Quotes.

Nick Fewings aka Few Peeps

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