The Boa Vista Banana Seller

In response to the Daily Post,  Edge Of The Frame, this was the first photo I ever took of a stranger.  This was in May 2013.  My wife and I had booked a vacation to the island of Boa Vista, part of the Cape Verde islands, off the coast of West Africa.

The first photo I ever took of a stranger

The first photo I ever took of a stranger

Up until this photo, I had taken the standard holiday photos that we all do.  Boa Vista is a wonderful island however is quite sparsely populated and in terms of architecture, there is not a lot to see or photograph.  What I did however notice was the wonderful people that call the island their home.  They had engaging personalities and the clothes they wore were equally beautiful and colourful.

Boa Vista is a poor island and modern amenities like running water and good sanitation only occur in the hotels that have started to spring up as tourism takes it’s hold.  As such, daily life for the islanders is a case of ensuring that they and their families are fed and watered.

I wanted the photo to be different to other street/portrait photographers so I created my own unique processing.  I loaded the photo onto Flickr and called myself Few Peeps, a play on the start of my surname and Peeps, a slang for people.  The positive response received has led me to continue to take candid street portraits and in to date, I have had over 1.8 Million views on Flickr.

I now use the photos in various different ways such as producing motivational quotes in support of the business I run.

If you would like to see others, please do enjoy my Few Peeps stream on Flickr or Few Peeps on Facebook and for the motivational images/quotes, please enjoy A FEW eNgaging Images & Quotes.

Nick Fewings aka Few Peeps

Please let me know your thoughts

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