The question is “What would your decision be?”

Recently, I was working with an operational team made up of 18 individuals. The 2-day learning programme I was facilitating on Team Excellence was being held in a conference room at a hotel. The learning programmes I facilitate normally start at 9.30am so I tend to get to the conference room by 8.30am which give me an hour to set up to ensure the room is conducive to a positive learning experience. I had done this and was all set up by about 9.00am at which point the conference manager arrived. She explained that over the weekend there had been a case of the Norovirus, a highly virulent bug that causes sickness and vomiting, at the hotel. The hotel had been closed and completely fumigated. However, because of this, clients using the hotel were being given the option to (a) remain at the hotel or (b) move to a sister hotel about 6 miles away.

When the delegates had all arrived by about 9.15am, I explained the situation about the bug and then left it to them to make a decision and let me know.

I’d be fascinated to hear what your decision would have been and why?

I will write another blog in a week’s time to let you know what the group decided and what drove their decision-making process.

Kind regards, Nick

Enjoy The Journey And Not Just The Destination.

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2 Comments on “The question is “What would your decision be?”

  1. I would stay. The hotel has done everything it could to get rid of the bug, has been open about the issue and offered an alternative. Can’t really do more. What did the delegates decide to do?

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