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How to ensure you book a conference speaker that WOWS your delegates

Nick Fewings Ngagementworks Conference Speaking 14

We’ve all been there, sitting at a conference, listening to a speaker that makes you want to put hot pins into your eyes.  If you are organising an event, getting a bad speaker is a nightmare scenario and no matter…

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What Are You Like?

Ngagementworks Four Colour Energies Positive

We all tend to be curious about what makes us the person we are, or to coin a phrase, what makes us tick. Why we think the way we do, why we make decisions and communicate in a particular way, why…

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Do You Have Time To Think?

Depth Of Thought Few Peeps Nick Fewings

Over the weekend, I shared some images from my passion for candid street photography called Deep Thinkers and indeed that got me thinking!! From the second we wake up, our senses are bombarded with information.  Television, radio, smartphones and tablets…

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