1.75 Million And Rising Daily

When Nick Fewings went on vacation with his wife to Boa Vista in March 2013, one of the islands that make up Cape Verde, little did he know that how a hobby would lead to an exciting change in his life. This is his journey to date.

Both myself and my wife are keen amateur photographers and whenever we go on vacation or out walking with our dog, we always take our cameras.

First photo uploaded to Flickr

First photo uploaded to Flickr

When we went to Boa Vista, I decided to take more photographs of people as opposed to the general photos I had taken in the past. When we got back from our holiday and I downloaded them, I knew that I had some great shots however I wanted to give them a processing twist that would make them unique. The first one I took of a woman selling bananas in Sal Rei, the capital, was the first that I processed and uploaded to Flickr. The enthusiastic responses and positive feedback I received inspired me to process and upload others.

Being Managing Director of Ngagementworks, a learning and development company that works with organisations to engage with individuals and motivate teams to transform them and help them achieve greater success, I get to work both in the UK and abroad.

In addition, I am a highly-regarded conference speaker which takes me to many different places throughout the globe. As such, it gives me a great opportunity to take photographs in the places I visit rather than just being stuck in a hotel.

Nick Inspiring A Conference Audience

Nick Inspiring A Conference Audience

The responses I have received when uploading my photos has been incredible and this got my creativity working even further as to

Photo taken in Riga, capital of Latvia when speaking at a conference

Photo taken in Riga, capital of Latvia when speaking at a conference

how I could use them in my business. I was working with one team and we were discussing their organisational values and how these needed to be brought to life. I’ve always been a person who enjoys motivational quotes and when combined with an image, these can be very powerful and thought-provoking. I suggested to this organisation that they have a look at my photostream and choose images that reflected their values. Once they had chosen, I put together the image with their value.

This was very well received and has led me to develop my own quotes which I share with others via various social media platforms such as Twitter. I really enjoy the fact that with the viral ability of social media, one of my images and quotes may be seen anywhere in the world and importantly may help someone develop and grow as an individual and take positive action.

So now in addition to my Flickr stream, I know share my photos via Facebook under the name of Few Peeps and those images that I have put motivational quotes to, I put on the Ngagementworks website as well the company page on Facebook.

At the end of February 2014, my views on Flickr reached the 1 Million mark on just over 300 photos, this apparently was quite a remarkable achievement. Already, I am up to almost 1.75 Million views and this continues to rise on a daily basis, at quite a rate.

As I have had a considerable amount of people comment that they would like to buy them, my next step is to develop a website where people can do so. I am looking to divide it so that part is for the personal photos and the other is for the motivational quote images that are more aligned with organisations as they are to do with values and behaviours.

I have reflected about why I changed the focus of my photography to photographing people. I have been a Licenced Practitioner of Insights, a global learning and development company based in Dundee, for over 15 years and I use their highly-regarded Insights Discovery Profile when working with teams. I firmly believe that my passion for taking candid shots of people is down to the passion for helping develop individuals and teams that their model and profiles inspired in me.

In addition to the website, I have been contacted by a number of street photography magazines that have requested me to write articles such as this or be interviewed.  I am also considering the options of exhibiting my work.  The next interesting event is just on the horizon is finding out how 4 of my photographs fair in the first photographic contest I have entered run by the Royal Photographic Society of the UK.

Taken at Covent Garden, London when working with a client

Taken at Covent Garden, London when working with a client

If you wish to see Nick photos, they can be viewed on his Flickr photostream or his Few Peeps Facebook page.

Additionally, his motivational quotes can be seen via his website Ngagementworks or by following him on Twitter NgageingNick

Nick can be contacted directly via nick@ngagementworks.com

Please let me know your thoughts

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