EUMA Switzerland: Making Your Relationships Work Ngageingly

Zurich, a beautiful city

Zurich, a beautiful city

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to facilitate a half-day workshop at the Swiss EUMA Conference in Zurich. The workshop objectives were, by introducing a colourful model of human behaviour;

  1. for the PAs and MAs present to understand themselves better, both their strengths and their challenges
  2. to provide tools and techniques to enable them to be able to better identify and understand others and thereby their behavioural & communication needs
  3. to consider inter-personal strategies to enhance their relationships

Why were these objectives important? Well, at the end of the day, whatever role we have in business, invariably it is the strength and effectiveness of the relationships we have with others that leads to our success, unless you can think of any job that does not require contact with others!

Delegate quote “It was a pleasure to have met you in Zurich. Your workshop was fun and really invaluable to me and my continued personal development.”

Whilst the colourful model of human behaviour I use is rooted in Jungian psychology, the use of colour to explore behaviour means that it can be easily remembered and importantly used effectively on a daily basis.

P1030559One of the areas we explored was relating to the different behavioural strengths each of the delegates felt that they possessed.

Delegates working in behavioural preference groups as noted by their colourful smiley badges!

Delegates working in behavioural preference groups as noted by their colourful smiley badges!

What became apparent was that they all had different strengths and by default different challenges.  When considering the work relationships that they had the key then was for them to consider the needs of these individuals, especially those that were different to them and how therefore to implement communication strategies that enhanced these relationships.

By the end of the day, delegates had found out lots more about themselves and learnt practical tools and techniques to enhance the relationship they had with others.

Committee Member quote “Thank you again for sharing your knowledge on human behaviour with us. I have received only positive feedback and I am glad that we have been able to provide a great program for our members and guests.”                                   

EUMA Switzerland Committee Skills Wheel

EUMA Switzerland Committee Skills Wheel

One of the fascinating learning insights that came out of the session was that the EUMA Switzerland committee was made up of people who had completely different behavioural styles and strengths.  As they appreciated and valued these strengths, this diversity played a big part in their success as a committee.


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